Monday, October 26, 2009

Which came first?

I'd be a chicken for Halloween but I'm scared. I'd be scared for Halloween but I'm chicken.

I'm trying hard to decide what on earth I should be for October 31st and a chicken seems like a delicious idea (licks lips).

There's a chicken in the kitchen so you better quit your bitchin'!

Hopefully people won't mistake me for sesame street's beloved big bird. That particular thought brings me to another, oscar the grouch. If I was Oscar the Grouch...would you put up a stink? Would you trash my appearance?

Imagine if everyday was'd never need an excuse to dress like a chicken or a slut. You could change wigs like you change panties. You could wear a vampire cape. You could sport outrageous pants. You could be Lady Gaga.

Treat your world like a play; be a different character each day.

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