Friday, May 22, 2009

It's already June

Side note: I've decided to leave the title "it's already June" because it furthers my point of intangible time. I wrote this post in JUNE, it is almost November. Gulp.

Here we are. We got "here" so fast. My here is wholly different than your here but regardless we are all striving to live "successfully" in our little here worlds. HERE HERE!! I placed "successfully" in quotations because let's face it, everyone seems to have a unique definition of success. Many of these definitions are sadly delusional, they have been ingrained since birth from the media or your peers. We fall into beliefs that often aren't deep down our own and sometimes without even realizing... we live other peoples lives.

I've been reflecting a lot on the last year (where did it go? It was June and now i'm finally posting this in Ocotber). Where does any of the time go? It seems we are always saying "Oh man, it's already June (or october)" or "I can't believe we've already hit summer (or fall/ winter--hence the snow that just came knockin' on our door rather early this past weekend)" or "Where did this year go". We just love commenting on the fast pace cycle of life. Around and around we go, it never stops and yet it will. It will end abruptly or maybe it will creep upon us like a winters chill (burrrrrrrr) allowing us to reflect on our achievements, regrets. Daily we struggle to plan, grasping at the idea of security. The hope of guarantee is a comforting thought. The hope that if you work really hard you will reap the benefits. The hope that if you love someone with all your heart that they will love you back just as much. The hope that if you make healthy mind and body decisions that you will remain disease free. The hope, the hope, the hope. The impossibility of guarantees is one big pile of depressing but I believe it can somewhat be overcome by living in this "here" moment and living the very best you know how. Don't put things off for later, later might never come.

Here we are and It's already October.

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